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Hello, I'm Gray. Thanks for coming to my page. This is my personal/vent account. I'm some weird ass cactus monster who shares a body with some people, who may or may not visit. I'm not actually a very interesting person, but I am very grateful that you're taking the time to visit this page and read this. Currently I'm working on a project called Dear The Falling Snow over on my original work page. :iconsoundofrainfall: I'm a transguy, asexual and pan-idemromantic. In the real life, I'm not doing anything of use.

Sorry if I ever act strange. Feel free to tell me if I'm being creepy. I'm not always quite able to understand what's going on and what's meant and I can be a little out of it at times.

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unwatching people here, as I'm moving over to SoundOfRainfall . I'll be rewatching people from there.
Alright, Art Fight is officially over! We don't know which team really won yet, but I have high hopes for Team Sun. I drew 33 pieces for other people and received 13 pieces of my own characters. What a wild ride. So now, I'll be trying to start up Dear The Falling Snow, and moving on over to SoundofRainfall as my main account. Give me a comment if there's anything you'd like to see from me.
got lectured on why trans people are bad and why men are superior today simultaneously today along with more family brand shit. why do I even fucking exist.
So, I have this fictional world called Ryuco'ov. I need to do some worldbuilding and character development practice but I can be a bit unmotivated, so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a one-on-one roleplay. I'll try my hardest to make it fun for you. I handle plot and world building and you can explore and give me feed back. Win-win? You can create any kind of character you would like and I will try my hardest to make it all work. If you want to make a character that fits into the world I would glady give help and anything needed. But if not? That's fine, we can discuss things and fit them in. It may go slowly. If it needs to be ended at any time just say. It's alright if you can't respond for even days. I don't mind. I may have to do the same.  I would, however, prefer to do this on Discord, due to the channels and organization it makes available. And the ease of access on both mobile and PC.

The place, in of itself, relies heavily on religion. There are around twenty major gods/godesses and various prophets we can talk about as we go along. Each god(ess) (referred to widely as a Guardian) has a main element and various assosciations (including a general race). They each have a group of devotees. If one is not devoted they are shunned from (most of) society. Devotees, after heavy practicing, are capable of magic relating to their Guardian. There is however a genetic component and it is not deemed possible to switch Guardians. I've been playing with this concept recently though.
The Guardians are put into three groups: Xc'woiriu(moon), Roa'ucall(sun), and Cupiniae(everything else seen in the night sky). These became three sorts of countries.

Xc'woiriu is generally family-oriented, introverted, and organized. It is primarily temperate and you are probably a farmer, exporting grain, fruits, and vegetables.
earth - death/dreams - poison - knowledge - magic - technology

Roa'ucall has the highest crime rates, and is rather hot. The scent of your sweat, however, is cancelled out by all the cooking and food. Vendors are everywhere, and the people are boisterous.
sky - nature - light - thunder - fire - chaos

Cupiniae is ambiverted and artistic. The area is primarily cold. Most people are crafters, making trinkets and machines. The people are most cooperative here. It is the largest region.
spaaaaaace - water - health - love - weaponry/craftiness - ice - war

There's more to the world than that. Enchanting and relics are common. Along with gemcrafting, which is how most machines work.
There are two sort of "Eras" that I'm open to RPing in. The most developed one is modern, where the society as they knew had been destroyed and a group of people from neutral territory are attempting to rebuild civilization. Normal humans have at some point populated some lost islands, and some people from Ryuco'ov kinda go there and try to fit in and find people of Ryuco'ovian descent. Mainly they've just ended up screwing around. This would be the easiest to do, I think. I have lots of characters planned out here.

Another era is before everything went to hell. Everything seems to be bustling, while new technology is always being released. Technology devotees are pretty much enslaved. Death/dream and chaos devotees have been banished long ago and exist primarily in rumors and tales to scare kids into eating their veggies or whatever. There are plenty of rebellious groups for various causes. There is a neutral, peaceful, Capitol sort of place with three people from each other region and a family to rule that is at the height of it all. I have that place mainly planned out. I have a handful of characters planned out.

I will do anything to help accomodate those who are interested. I'll provide additional information as it is neccessary or requested. I can probably only manage doing this for two people, though. If you have any ideas, suggestions, comments, critiques, or things you'd like me to do at any point in time though please just say. So shoot me a message if you're interested. I think that covers everything. Thank you for reading this. (Shoutout to my sister for editing this whole request ask)
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